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Rover Night-Fire Metallic Red 1997 Rover Mini 1300cc Injection - Restored, Rust Free & One Lady Owned Since 2008 - One of the Best Examples

One lady owned since 2008, this Mini has been fully restored to a very high standard for her wedding day. It's in perfect condition, she is rust free and just an exceptional example throughout and underneath. She has one of the most powerful and reliable engines, that engine has been fully serviced (complete service, inc oxygen sensor), her brakes have been serviced and her gearbox reconditioned previously. She is supplied ready to enjoy with 12 months MOT and no advisories.

1. Gleaming Bodywork

Finished in gleaming Rover metallic Night-Fire Red (one of the most sought after, iconic nineties colours), her bodywork condition is beautiful, she has been recently restored, professionally detailed and is just beautiful without any rust. The previous owner owned her for 14 years and comissioned her complete restoration for her recent wedding day.

2. Excellent Interior

Bragging the sought after Balmoral interior (Burberry style, half beige leather), she’s lovely.

3. Solid Underneath

Being lovely underneath, she has the brand new correct vented sills and what appears to be a recently new subframe.

4. Great Maintenance History

Since the lady purchased her in 2008, she has been properly maintained by the reputable Mini Mine (until she was put into storage in 2016). This included a reconditioned gearbox. We have then this week serviced her brakes, changed her oil and filter (Millers Classic Mini Oil, Mini Spares Filter) and fitted new NGK spark plugs and silicone HT leads. We then arranged for an MOT and she passed with no advisories making her ready to enjoy.

5. Excellent Engine

Driving her is excellent, her sought after 1.3 injection engine is wonderful and when combined with her rally winning Mini handling she is terrific and/or terrifying fun.

6. The Ultimate Model

Being first registered on the 4th of February 1997 she is the ultimate model which is much more powerful, reliable, safe, luxurious and greener than earlier models (produced pre-1996). Power is increased from 51 or 53bhp on earlier 1275cc models to 59bhp and from 39bhp on earlier 1000 models. Reliability is increased significantly due to the introduction of modern fuel injection, modern distributor-less ignition technology and an improved alternator (all common failures on a Mini). Safety is improved, being the only Mini model to have a drivers air bag, door safety crash beams and more modern seatbelts. Emissions are improved with fuel injection and the introduction of a catalytic converter. They are also much more luxurious all round with more attention paid to all the small details. Being a Japanese specification model the fitment of air conditioning is prioritised over upgrading the radiator and moving to multi-point injection, however she is otherwise identical to the ultimate UK model of Mini and has a similar BHP at approximately 59bhp (4bhp less than UK models).

8. Why Do Many Enthusiasts Prefer Japanese Mini’s

She was imported from Japan in early 2008. Many enthusiasts prefer Japanese Mini’s for several reasons which we will describe below.

Surpassing the UK in the early 90’s, Japan ascended to become the number one worldwide market for Mini’s after the introduction of Austin Rover Japan in 1985. These Mini’s were still built in the UK, but then exported to Japan. There are roughly seven reasons why many enthusiasts prefer Japanese exported examples to UK Mini’s:

A. Less Rust

Being from a warm climate with less salt on the roads, Japanese Mini’s generally have less or no corrosion. This one is perfect.

B. Better Bodily Condition Generally

Having the requirement that Japanese city car owners MUST have a private off road car parking space before purchasing a vehicle, vehicles are usually stored off the road in indoor facilities and therefore remain in much better condition generally, with less dints and corrosion.

C. Used Less

Japanese people drive much less generally, covering fewer miles.

D. Luxury Purchase

Fewer Japanese people (relative to other countries) own vehicles (57% of people own vehicles according to Statista) and therefore they are more cared for generally, think of car ownership in the 60’s when such would have been a real luxury, how your mum or dad looked after their car way back when.

E. Better Maintained

Having much more stringent MOT conditions, vehicles must be maintained to the highest standard in Japan.

F. Air Conditioning

Only Japanese Mini’s were fitted with air conditioning. Air conditioning was not fitted to UK vehicles, however maintenance parts are readily available in the UK due to the popularity of imports.

Points to Note:

She still retains her original speedometer that reads in kilometres. She has covered 85,000 miles in total and the majority of those miles have been in the ladies ownership. Being overly critical of a 25 year old classic, she's perfect with the exception of two small holes in one seat and some of the usual lacquer peel on her dash (a replacement can be sourced, but there is a two month wait as they are handmade).

For sale at £11,745.

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