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2001 Rover Mini Cooper Sport, Registerred 30th of March 2001 After Production Ended in October 2000

This is very rare example of the final, range topping, 2001 Rover Mini Cooper Sport with 60,000 genuine miles and 5 previous keepeers that has been owned for 7 years. This Cooper Sport is one of the last ever classic Mini’s registered after production ceased. She was registered on the 30th of March 2001 after production ended in October 2000. Being such a late registration she has a rare "Y" registration. This Cooper Sport is finished in the unique colour combination of Metallic Anthracite reserved for the Cooper Sport only. Metallic Anthracite is a dark metallic blue in one light and dark metallic black in another.

The Rover Mini Cooper Sport has been described by various well reputed authors as “The Range Topper” of the final production Mini’s which were themselves described as “The Ultimate Mini’s Models” (produced between 1996-2000). These final models were described a “The Ultimate Mini’’s” because they were significantly more powerful, reliable, safer, fuel efficient, greener and luxurious than all other factory production models, the Mini was essentially reborn within the modern age. Being the “Ultimate Mini’s” and significantly improved, these are one of the most sought after models.

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