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Showroom Condition 1993 Rover Mini 1275cc Carburettor 55bhp - Owned 8 Years, Genuine 56k Miles, Most Sought After Engine Rolling Roaded at 55bhp
This is one of the best examples of a classic Mini that you will find. She is excellent in that she has a reconditioned 1275cc carburettor engine that has been professionally tuned and dyno’d at 55bhp, the most beautiful bodily metalwork and is a limited edition Mayfair with just 56,000 miles from new, owned eight years. We will expand upon each point in turn and a walk-around video can be found upon our website

1. Powerful Reconditioned 1275cc Carburettor Engine Dyno’d at 55hp

Running a reconditioned and professionally tuned 1275cc carburettor engine (one of the last), she’s beautiful to drive and off like a rocket.

A. Reconditioned 7000 Miles Ago

Having had her engine reconditioned just 7000 miles ago, she’s beautiful to drive and very pretty under the bonnet.


B. Professionally Tuned

Havign been professionally tuned this week, her performance has been optimised.


C. Rolling Road Tested at 55bhp (30% Higher than a 998cc)

Having been on the rolling road several times, her performance has ranged from 55-57hp.


D. One of the Most Sought After Engines

Being one of the final 1275cc carburettor engines, she’s a great specification.


E. Ready to Drive Away

With no faults whatsoever and 12 months MOT without any advisories, she is ready to drive away.

 Driving her is just excellent, owing the power and excitement to the above.

2. Beautiful Metalwork, One of the Best You Will Find

Having beautiful shell metal work, she is one of the best examples you will find. Underneath she is solid with a new heritage subframe 7000 miles ago, she is solid, but has had some welding like most Mini’s.

We will put her on the ramp in the coming days and take some pictures.
3. 56,000 Miles From New

Being just 56,000 miles from new with the paper records to reasonably validate this, she’s a low mileage example.

4. Limited Edition Mayfair

Being a Limited Edition Mayfair, she has some heritage. This is a very original example in her original paint colour and she has never been involved in an accident.

5. Owned Eight Years

Having owned her for eight years and embarked upon many a show and tour in her, she has been loved, however now seeks a new home due to the purchase of a motorbike.

Accordingly, if you are looking for a low mileage Mini that is wonderful to drive and in marvellous condition, this could be your opportunity. There is a walkaround video on our website.


Showroom Condition 1993 Rover Mini (1275cc Carb 55bhp)

  • We guarantee that your Mini will be mechanically perfect at the time of the sale. Mechanically perfect means that your Mini will be roadworthy with a recent MOT, that everything on your Mini will work correctly and that your Mini will be ready to enjoy.


    However, it is important to note that Mini's are classic cars opposed to brand new cars, classic cars will have wear and tear on all parts opposed to being built to a new standard and accordingly they  will require ongoing maintenance and we cannot be held liable for any ongoing maintenance after the time of the sale. That being said, we have a dedicated phone line to assist you in maintaining your Mini and sourcing replacement parts.

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