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If you are considering buying a Mini but you don't know where to start, pop in for a chat. We're a small old fashioned workshop and we love what we do. It's always great to meet fellow enthusiasts and there is strictly no sales pressure (it couldn't be further from that sort of place).
It's always nicer to meet people, but where it helps we can deliver Mini's anywhere in the UK and we recommend an agency called Hill Shipping to deliver Mini's internationally. Deliveries within the UK are charged at cost price only and it works out to £0.95 per mile, based on a return journey. We only ask for the delivery payment up front, with the balance only paid once you've received the Mini and confirmed that you are over the moon.


Very Rare & Special 2001 Rover Mini 7 (Just 250 Released, Only 90 Remaining) - Beautifully Restored, Rust Free & Low Miles, in Show Condition and Equipped with the Ultimate Specification, the Rover Heritage Design Package and the Sportspack (Same Engine as the Cooper Sport).


This Mini will be available to drive away in around one to two weeks. We just need to fit a brand new subframe for you and then take her for her MOT :).


This is a very special Mini, being one of just 250 released during the final days of production, designed and released specially to celebrate the Mini's heritage. She is in show level condition, she is beautifully restored, rust free and has very low genuine mileage. She is equipped with her limited edition 1950's style interior, the iconic Sportspack and also the Rover Heritage Design Package, being built in tribute and homage to the legendary 1960's rally winning Cooper S and standing as a special farewell limited production before the factory closed. This is a really beautiful example in show level condition.


She has the ultimate specification out of all general production models, these models were the most powerful, reliable, the safest, greenest, most comfortable, fuel efficient and generally useable. Utilising the same engine as the Cooper Sport, she combines power (the most powerful production engine) with low weight and that iconic, rally winning classic Mini handling to provide a terrific and/or terrifying to drive.


Throughout the last 14 years she has been cherished and has covered no more than an average of 6 miles per week. More recently she has been a semi-daily driver and has a few weeks ago accompanied me on a terrific 200 mile road trip.


Since that road trip we have fully serviced her and reconditioned her brakes. She has a brand new fuel pump, four new tyres, new chrome alloys and a new lambda sensor, plus a new exhaust so that you do not have to worry about reliability.


All in all, she is in show condition and is a beautiful, iconic and unique piece of motoring history, moreover, an example that drives terrifically, providing you with that pure classic car experience, those sounds, smells and raw enjoyment, that often terrifying, living life on the edge of your seat kind of experience.


Below is a more detailed summary about why this model of Mini was so special and a report on her mileage history. Then, if you would like to see 60+ photographs do please use the following link


The Ultimate Specification


This is the ultimate specification of Mini. These Mini’s cost 63% more than the previous model because they were more powerful, reliable and safe as well as greener, more comfortable and fuel efficient than any other model of Mini.


  • You have more power to enjoy, power is increased by 50% compared to the 1000cc and 20% compared to the standard 1275cc. This is the same engine and tuning as the Cooper Sport.


  • You can rely on her, with all the troublesome parts upgraded (no troublesome carburettor or distributor, plus an upgraded alternator and cooling).


  • Yourself and your family could feel safe driving her, unlike other Mini’s she has an airbag, door crash beams and a strengthened steering column as well as special seat belts, better handling and grip.


  • You save money with fuel efficiency owing to computerised fuel injection and a special overdrive style gearbox for motorways; and


  • You will be more comfortable, with significantly reduced road noise, wider, bolstered and comfier seats with much higher quality materials.


Mileage History


Dec 2001 - 1346

Nov 2002 - 3610

Jun 2003 - 7867

Dec 2003 - 8000

Jan 2004 - 8076

Dec 2005 - 15894

Dec 2006 - 24312

Jan 2008 - 33715

Sep 2009 - 40943

Oct 2009 - 41000

Oct 2010 - 41123

Oct 2011 - 41237

Mar 2013 - 41299

Mar 2014 - 41348

Apr 2015 - 41416

Apr 2016 - 41594

May 2017 - 43646

Aug 2018 - 44190

Aug 2019 - 44310

Aug 2020 - 44426

Aug 2021 - 44551

Aug 2022 - 44660

May 2023 - 44758

Jul 2023 - 44957


Very Special 2001 Rover Mini Seven MPI

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