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If you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone for a discussion or pop down for a coffee and a chat in Sheffield. We can deliver him anywhere in the UK for £1. 90 per mile (charged on the basis of a one way journey) with only a small deposit paid in advance. We also work with many American classic Mini dealers and we're happy to put you in contact with our export agents who are great and very cost effective.

We have a lot of extra pictures and a walkaround video on our website and an indepth discussion about what made the final edition of the Mini the ultimate model

Hank - Rover Heritage Design (Factory Additional Extra) 1997 Rover Mini Cooper Sportspack 1. 3 MPI - Uprated to Fast Road Specification with Straight Cut Drop Gears - Not For the Faint Hearted

Hank is an extraordinary example of the ultimate specification production model that benefits from the iconic Sportspack and the Rover Heritage Design specification (Rover Factory Extras). The Rover Heritage Specification includes a package of colour combinations, interiors and chrome work designed in tribute and homage to the original rally winning Cooper S. Furthermore, having been owned by the Director of a Motorsport Engine Tuning company for six or seven years, Hank's engine has been rebuilt with various uprated parts and a brand new set of straight cut drop gears. This is not a Mini for the fainthearted.

1. The Ultimate Specification

Being the ultimate model, Hank has more power and more reliability, he's much more useable as a daily driver and safer, has a much higher MPG, lower emissions & is more comfortable, luxurious and secure than all of the earlier models. Power is raised by over 50% (in standard form) when compared to the earlier 1000cc (raised further on Hank). Reliability, is extraordinary compared to the earlier models, with all of the troublesome parts upgraded (carburettor, distributor, alternator, cooling etc). Safety, unlike earlier Mini’s he has an air bag, a strengthened steering column, special seat belts and crash beams, more grip and handling potential; you could feel safe driving him. We can’t list all of the benefits of this final evolution here because the differences are so significant (hence the market price differential generally, relative to earlier models), but I have provided a detailed analysis of why these final editions were the ultimate Mini's on our website, taken from factory records and various reputable authors, plus our own experience having driven hundred’s, if not thousands of Mini’s.

Not all Mini's were built the same and to fund these upgrades they didn't all cost the same and the standard purchase price rose by 63% between 1995 and 1996 to fund these upgrades, accelerating upwards from £5896, to £9625. This would be £14, 300 and £23, 700 in todays money. Reputable authors describe the Mini as being “gentrified”. For those with deep pockets, a range of expensive additional extras could then be purchased from the Rover Showroom, many of which Hank has and they include the following...

2. The Sportspack Specification

The most iconic factory additional extra offered by Rover was the Sportspack specification. Place a standard Mini Cooper next to a Sportspack and the difference is incredible. The Sportspack was wider, with larger alloys and a wider stance, mastering this immense width to height ratio. Such cost a further £795 alone, a lot of money in the day.

3. Rover Heritage Design Collection (Factory Additional Extra)

Being one of the rarest additional extras offered by Rover, purchasers could pay a high premium to have their Mini designed to a Rover Heritage Design specification. Such specification included a range of pastel colour combinations, chrome work and styling designed in homage to the sixties rally winning Cooper S. The owner of this Mini paid a further £295 for the the special Heritage pastel Almond Green x Old English White colour combination and a further £500 to have the matching heritage “porcelain green” (granny’s bath tub) leather interior, plus they then would have added the heritage style chrome pack (price not recorded), transforming him with the iconic 60's Cooper S styling.

4. Post Production Fast Road Modifications - Hank Is Not For the Faint Hearted

Being terrific and or terrifying to drive, Hank combines a very high power to weight ratio with a straight cut drop gear set and that rally winning Mini handling. Whilst the standard production Rover Mini Cooper Sportspack had the highest BHP of all of the factory production models, Hank's previous owner took this a lot further. Hank's previous owner was the Director of a motorsport engine tuning company and fitted a brand new straight cut drop gear set, x pin differential and uprated injectors. Straight cut drop gears are a common fitment in Formula One and not every day cars, they make your car accelerate much faster between 0-100mph whilst also emitting a distinctive noise. An X pin differential allows you to handle more power, provides a smoother power delivery and reduced torque steer.

5. Restored

Being restored to a very high standard relatively recently, Hank's generally in excellent condition, as will be evident from the photographs. That being said, he's not a brand new Mini and will have some signs of age.

6. Ready to Enjoy

Being supplied with 12 months MOT and fully serviced, Hank is ready to enjoy.

7. Drawbacks

Hank does have...

(a) Higher miles (135, 000), however his mechanics have been rebuilt and his engine is beautiful, so you may feel this bears little weight.

(b) Historic accident damage (category D, 2004), albeit again, a very minor accident two decades ago, he has been fully restored since and everything has been renewed so you may feel that such is academic only.

Hank the Fast Road 1997 Rover Mini Cooper Sportspack 1.3 MPI

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