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This is an early unrestored 1982 Austin Mini that is beautiful to drive and mechanically perfect with the most wonderful engine that has been professionally tuned to optimise performance. Being so early, she will be MOT & Tax exempt next year and she is supplied with MOT with no advisories, ready to enjoy. She has been cherished, owned for eight years and hasn’t been restored so she isn’t a sparkly new Mini, but an unmolested example with faded paint and looks like a proper classic. I will expand upon each point in turn below:

 1.Beautiful to Drive
Driving beautifully, she has the most wonderful engine that has been professionally tuned to optimise her performance.

2. Mechanically Perfect
Supplied in mechanically perfect condition, she has a MOT with no advisories and is ready to drive away.

3. Wonderfully Early
Being a very early 1982 Austin Mini, she retains many rarer historic features including her chrome trim, seventies thatch interior, early suffix registration plate and rod change gearbox.
4. Solid Throughout
Being solid throughout and underneath, you have no need to worry.

5. MOT & Tax Exempt
Being so early, she will be MOT & tax exempt next year which will add a lot of value to her.

6. Owned 8 Years
With the previous owner owning her for over eight years, she has been cherished.

Accordingly, this is your opportunity to own a very early Mini which is beautiful to drive, professionally tuned and ready to enjoy, a Mini with so many early features that will be MOT and tax exempt next year and a Mini that is a proper classic, is unrestored and aged,

Early 1982 Austin Mini (998cc)

  • We guarantee that your Mini will be mechanically perfect at the time of the sale. Mechanically perfect means that your Mini will be roadworthy with a recent MOT, that everything on your Mini will work correctly and that your Mini will be ready to enjoy.


    However, it is important to note that Mini's are classic cars opposed to brand new cars, classic cars will have wear and tear on all parts opposed to being built to a new standard and accordingly they  will require ongoing maintenance and we cannot be held liable for any ongoing maintenance after the time of the sale. That being said, we have a dedicated phone line to assist you in maintaining your Mini and sourcing replacement parts.

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