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Our Retirement Sale: Emptying Our Personal Toy Box


We announced our retirement sale a few months ago and we have to thank everyone for all of your support, every message and call and of course for buying our entire stock at the time. We are now preparing to sell one final batch of Mini’s and that batch includes Mini’s that we were intending to keep as toys or investments. That being said me and my girlfriend have decided it's time to run away into the sunset, empty the toy box and buy a small sailing boat in the Mediteranean and so they will all be listed this week :).

As usual, we are happy to personally deliver Mini’s anywhere in the UK at £0.85 per mile (return journey), work with overseas purchasers (deliver to the port / we recommend Hill Shipping as agents) and chat for hours totally off subject (our speciality) but also give helpful to the point advice where possible even if it’s not about our cars. Call me anytime, email or instagram us by using the following link



1999 Rover Mini Sportspack 1.3 MPI 63bhp - Platinum x Black (One of the Rarest Colour Schemes)


If you would like to see a walkaround video and many more photographs please use the following link


Being one of the last Mini’s to leave the production line (November 1999) this Rover Mini 1.3 MPI has the ultimate specification, being as standard more powerful and reliable, safer and more luxurious than any Mini earlier than this ultimate model. Such power is increased with fast road modifications. She is fitted with a Sportspack creating that wide stance. These are attractive attributes, but what drew me to it was the rarity of the colour scheme; Platinum x Black which you never see.

This is a fantastic example with no bodily corrosion, a very powerful engine (upgraded) and a gearbox rebuild carried out by a Mini Specialist 8000 miles ago (in fact a complete bodily restoration). She is supplied with 12 months MOT and a full service with no previous accidents, ready to enjoy. There was an advisory for a ball joint which has been replaced with a new one.

Attending to her history, Miss Janet Parker agreed to register her on the first day of the Millennium by Dutton Forshaw, however took delivery early and kept her for nine years. Starting with dealership interior/exterior Ultraguard, she now has a huge life time folder of maintenance history including every tax disc from new.


She's in excellent condition, but not brand new as you would expect with her being 24 years old.


The Ultimate Model

Why were these models so awesome? Broadly five reasons...

(a) Power

Power is increased to 63hp which is 61% more powerful than the 1000cc models and 13-15% more powerful than the earlier 1275cc models (they used an uprated earlier Cooper engine). With that power and a revised gearbox ratio and extra sound deadening motorways are easier, quieter and more comfortable and general driving more exciting. With a Sportspack kitted out Mini like this handling is improved (more grip).

(b) Reliability

Reliability is increased significantly due to the introduction of modern fuel injection, modern distributor-less ignition technology and an improved alternator (all common failures on a Mini). When you review these Mini's the engines are usually factory standard, a testimony to their reliability.

(c) Safety

Safety is improved, being the only Mini model to have a drivers air bag, door safety crash beams and more modern seatbelts.  When my little sister wants to borrow a Mini, it has to be an MPI.

(d) Luxury

They are also much more luxurious all round with more attention paid to all the small details, a more comfortable interior and more sound deadening.

(e) Emissions

Emissions are improved with fuel injection and the introduction of a catalytic converter.

1999 Rover Mini Sportspack 1.3 MPI 63bhp *Fast Road*

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