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GB Mini Garage - The Classic Mini Specialists


We're a classic Mini specialist based in Sheffield. You are more than welcome to visit our restorations warehouse or alternatively we can deliver our Mini's anywhere in the UK. For more information please see our website, our Instagram @gbminigarage or call our team on 0747 874 5999. Our delivery service is charged at £0.80 per mile.

Please note that my little sister is managing the shop this week whilst we are on holiday :).


2004 AC Cobra Shelby recreation by Pilgrim - Beautiful Condition, Just 1700 Miles (SVA Passed)


Being incredible to drive, her high performance spec 2.3 V6 Cologne accelerates rapidly and her rear end drifts around corners beautifully, this Cobra puts the hugest smile on your face. Driving her is an experience, she is mechanically perfect and we have had her professionally tuned to optimise her performance. Having completed just 1700 miles from new, she is in exceptional condition throughout. Additional features include a roaring twin port exhaust, SPAX adjustable shock absorbers and brand new tyres.  She comes with 12 months MOT and is HPI clear.
This is a fully road legal example, unlike some others online. She is fully road legal because she has passed an SVA (carried out by Pilgrim Motorsports themselves) and is now registered a Pilgrim Sumo on the logbook. The SVA guarrantees that the Cobra is built to a very high standard of quality and safety. Cobra's have to pass an SVA and be re-registered to be road legal. She also wears her historic Suffix number plate and not the dreaded Q plate.
For those who have asked for the purposes of comparison and their garages, she measures 4 metres (length), 1.8 metres (between the rear arches) and 1.7 metres (between the front arches). This means that she should fit into a standard UK garage which is 4.9 x 2.4 metres. This also means that she is approximately the same dimensions as the genuine AC Cobra MkIII, if not very slightly larger.
Extra Video Content & Extra Photographs / Photographs of Key Documents
If you would like to see a walkaround video and a video of her running then do please search her registration on Youtube (HFG693T). If you would like to see some extra photographs, photographs of the logbook and SVA certificate please copy and paste the following link to Google Drive into your browser search bar (needs to be copied and pasted, opposed to clicked).


Things to Note
Currently she doesn't have a roof, although the fitments are there. New italian made hoods and frames can be purchased from Pilgrim directly for £650. That being said, from a long term Cobra driver, you will rarely use the hood as it's not very practical and the interior's are designed to get a bit wet as and when (this one has never been wet, but they can do).

2004 AC Cobra Recreation by Pilgrim (2.3 V6)

  • We guarantee that your Mini will be mechanically perfect at the time of the sale. Mechanically perfect means that your Mini will be roadworthy with a recent MOT, that everything on your Mini will work correctly and that your Mini will be ready to enjoy.


    However, it is important to note that Mini's are classic cars opposed to brand new cars, classic cars will have wear and tear on all parts opposed to being built to a new standard and accordingly they  will require ongoing maintenance and we cannot be held liable for any ongoing maintenance after the time of the sale. That being said, we have a dedicated phone line to assist you in maintaining your Mini and sourcing replacement parts.

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