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If you are considering buying a Mini but you don't know where to start, pop in for a chat. We're a small old fashioned workshop and we love what we do. It's always great to meet fellow enthusiasts and there is strictly no sales pressure (it couldn't be further from that sort of place).
It's always nicer to meet people, but where it helps we can deliver Mini's anywhere in the UK and we recommend an agency called Hill Shipping to deliver Mini's internationally. Deliveries within the UK are charged at cost price only and it works out to £0.95 per mile, based on a return journey. We only ask for the delivery payment up front, with the balance only paid once you've received the Mini and confirmed that you are over the moon.


Beautiful 1998 Rover Mini Cooper Sportspack 1.3 MPI Manual - The Ultimate Specification, Fully Restored and Bursting History Folder From New
We have acquired a really special collection of five Mini's.
This is an exceptionally restored and upgraded example of a 1998 Rover Mini Cooper Sportspack MPI, the ultimate specification of Mini.

By the ultimate specification, we are referring to her being more powerful, reliable and safer, more fuel efficient, comfortable and luxurious than any other model of general production Mini (expanded upon further below).

1. Exceptionally Restored

Her restoration included the reconditioning of her engine and gearbox, plus all new parts, so that you don’t have to worry about reliability or the common gearbox issues. Her restoration also included a lot of new metalwork (painted inside and out), a sub frame, sills and floors so that you don’t have to worry about rust. Then, she was fitted with a brand new dashboard and re-upholstered steering wheel and gearstick, so that you feel great driving her, without the standard worn leather and peeling dash. She is supplied fully serviced with four new tyres, a new clutch, plus 12 months MOT, for your peace of mind.

2. Then Upgraded

Upgrades included HI-Lo’s and GAZ Adjusta-ride suspension, so that you can modify ride height and suspension stiffness to perfect your handling. They also included a new Superflow exhaust system, giving you that iconic and classical sound and feel.

3. Full History from New

Having a comprehensive, almost bursting, history folder dating back to New Years Eve 1999 when she was purchased from Dixons of Doncaster as an ex-Rover Demo, you can be assured that she has been cherished.

4. The Ultimate Specification

This is the ultimate specification of Mini. These Mini’s cost 63% more than the previous model because they were more powerful, reliable and safe as well as greener, more comfortable and fuel efficient than any other model of Mini.
  • You have more power to enjoy, power is increased by 50% compared to the 1000cc and 20% compared to the standard 1275cc.
  • You can rely on her, with all the troublesome parts upgraded (no troublesome carburettor or distributor, plus an upgraded alternator and cooling).
  • Yourself and your family could feel safe driving her, unlike other Mini’s she has an airbag, door crash beams and a strengthened steering column as well as special seat belts, better handling and grip.
  • You save money with fuel efficiency owing to computerised fuel injection and a special overdrive style gearbox for motorways; and
  • You will be more comfortable, with significantly reduced road noise, wider, bolstered and comfier seats with much higher quality materials.
So this would be your opportunity to own an beautifully restored and upgraded example of the ultimate specification of Mini, the 1998 Rover Mini Cooper Sportspack. She’s been restored and upgraded so that you don’t have to worry about reliability. Whilst she isn't brand new and has a few paint blemishes, she is in very nice condition. 
If you would like to see extra photographs, please use the following link

1998 Rover Mini Cooper Sportspack MPI

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