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Ex-British Government Diplomatic Mini (Sir Stephen Hall's) 1998 Rover Mini John Cooper "COOPER "S" PACK" 90 BHP Si Conversion - Super Rare Dealer (Park Lane Mini) Fitted John Cooper Conversion From New - Owned 19 Years - 54,000 Genuine Miles - 2 Previous Keepers - Huge Meticulous Service History From New (No Less than 25 Services) - Superb Interior 
With her provenance this could be the perfect investment vehicle or one very fun little toy.
She is a genuine 1998 Rover Mini with the John Cooper "Cooper S Pack" which originally offered a "90bhp Conversion", making it one of the most powerful models. This conversion was fitted when she was brand new by the famous flagship Mini of Park Lane and accordingly her original Rover purchase invoice states "COOPER "S" PACK (DEALER FITTED)". Such Cooper S Packs were normally only fitted after the fact by John Cooper Garages, however exception may have been made in this case as she would have a very special, very British role to play.

She was supplied by the famous flagship Park Lane Mini of London on the 23rd of October 1998 personally to the then well known politician Sir Stephen Wall (Formerly John Major's Private Secretary). This Mini was a UK registerred Mini which was sent to Brussels with Sir Stephen Wall and would have represented the UK with Sir Steven Wall in Brussels within his then role as Britain's Permanent Representative to the European Union in 1998 and 1999, before returning to London with Sir Steven Wall when he took up a position in the Cabinet Office in 2000 under the then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Fantastically, the DVLA have advised that she was classed as an official British Government Vehicle (which would make sense considering that she was supplied by Rover Wholesale to Sir Stephen Wall at a discounted rate) and if that’s correct then what a fantastic provenance, we just love the Britishness of Sir Steven Wall shooting around Brussels in this Mini, very fitting for the role.
On her retirement she was purchased by her current keeper Paul via a well known dealership and Paul has owned her for 19 years. Prior to Paul's ownership she had just two former keepers, including Sir Stephen Wall. Owning her for what feels like a lifetime, Paul, the Treasurer of his local Mini Club, has lavished her with love and care, maintaining and improving her whilst building the most meticulous history folder from new with tens of thousands of pounds worth of spending and no less than 25 services. She has covered a genuine low mileage of just 54,000 miles. One of the loveliest things about this Mini is actually her interior, however we'll get on to all of this and expand upon everything below.

1. John Cooper "Cooper S" Conversion (Dealer Fitted From New by Park Lane)

When did you last encounter a John Cooper "Cooper S" Pack which was fitted by a dealer from new? We haven’t, as in our experience these conversions have all been carried out after the fact by John Cooper Garages. Reading her original Rover purchase invoice (see photographs) from Park Lane Mini, it’s noted that Sir Steven paid an extra £1388.27 to have a “dealer fitted” “Cooper S Pack” from new and such amount was "tax free" (see photographs).

Paul who’m has owned her since 2004 contacted John Cooper Works for confirmation of the specification in 2004 (email photographed) and they stated that she had “the 90bhp conversion” which included;
  • John Coopers polished and ported three cylinder head (blue);
  • Janspeed LCB exhaust manifold and full flow rear exhaust silencer;
  • Roller tipped 1.5 ratio rockers;
  • A polished and ported inlet manifold;
  • Uprated fuel pressure regulator;
  • Modified full flow air filter box; and
  • Platinum tipped spark plugs.
Paul has since switched the 1.5 ratio rockers for standard to avoid cam wear (daily driver for 19 years), switched the spark plugs for standard and the Janspeed exhaust for an RC40 for daily driving (however these can be purchased separately if required). She has the relevant John Cooper plaque beside the drivers seat with the reference 125000/195/10 (photographed).

Driving her, she is fast and wonderful fun, terrifying really, lots of power and that iconic rally winning classic Mini handling.



3. Owned for 19 Years

Paul first purchased her from the reputable Mini Man of Solihull at Christmas in 2004 for the price of £7195.56. Paul gave Mini Man special instructions to fit the upgraded electric “one-click” Webasto roof in premium Hollandie Deluxe Fabric which was £761.00 at the time as well as the triple white Cooper Sportspack central gauges (Volt, Clock, Oil Temp). These are all invoiced. At the time she had covered just 28,000 miles from new and Paul lovingly recollects spending the last 19 years and 26,000 miles running his kids around, they weren’t born then, teenagers now. Paul is the treasurer of his local Mini Club and has maintained her to the highest standard and kept a huge folder of receipts which must total over ten thousand pounds spent if not tens of thousands, looking after her well since 2004. Circumstances have now forced Paul to sell her. Her logbook reads 2 previous keepers, one being Sir Steven Wall. Paul has kept some photographs of her back in 2004 and she is pretty much as she was.

The only other modifications made by Paul include; two extra front spotlights (originally supplied with just two), an Aston Martin DB6 chrome petrol cap cover (beautifully made), an upgraded stereo, USB port, upgraded shock absorbers and a Paul Smith Gearknob.


4. The Biggest Paper History File - Incredible

Most Mini’s come with no significant history, this Mini comes with the most meticulous file, it has been loved and cherished, looked after to the highest standard. We can’t incorporate all of such into this description, however we have outlined her service history (25 stamps and/or invoices), her mileage history (54,000 validated miles) and the key maintenance below. In reality her history folder spans her lifetime and has thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds worth of receipts and MOT’s so we can’t incorporate all of them and have only discussed the most important ones. We have taken pictures of the very most important documents (blurring out any addresses and codes) for legal reasons and we have taken photographs and videos of the file itself which you can speculate as to what’s inside, or pop over and view it in person.

5. Service History

She has a full service history from new, 25 I think. Please click the link below to read about this in detail.


... For a more detailed description, a walkaround video & 60+ photographs of her & her documents please use the following link

1998 John Cooper "S" 90bhp Conversion (Dealer Fitted)

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