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If you are considering buying a Mini but you don't know where to start, pop in for a chat. We're a small old fashioned workshop and we love what we do. It's always great to meet fellow enthusiasts and there is strictly no sales pressure (it couldn't be further from that sort of place).
It's always nicer to meet people, but where it helps we can deliver Mini's anywhere in the UK and we recommend an agency called Hill Shipping to deliver Mini's internationally. Deliveries within the UK are charged at cost price only and it works out to £0.95 per mile, based on a return journey. We only ask for the delivery payment up front, with the balance only paid once you've received the Mini and confirmed that you are over the moon.


Classic 1994 Rover Mini 1275cc Carburettor (Daily Driver) - Upgraded with the Cooper Sportspack + Performance Parts


Combining the most sought after, high powered 1275cc engine with that legendary, rally winning, classic mini handling, you will find she is terrific and/or terrifying to drive. Being the rarer carburettor model, she drives, feels, sounds and smells like classic motoring. Having had her professionally set up and tuned, with a twin exit sports exhaust fitted, you will feel that her performance has been optimised.


Being upgraded with the premium Yokohoma Tyres (£95 each), adjustable ride height Hi-Lo's and Supersport Gas suspension, you will feel the handling benefits. With the brake servo upgrade, plus Mini Sport Superfins, you will have improved braking.


Outside, she has been upgraded to Cooper Sportspack livery and exterior specification with brand new 13x7 wider, larger, chrome alloys and arches providing you with that iconic width to height ratio and you will feel more grip and control. Then, the Mk2 boot lid, handle and aluminium and black period plates have been added to make her more unique and period, before being completely machine polished to make her shine.


Inside, she has been upgraded to a new burrwood sportspack dashboard with the extra rev gauge and additonal three gauges so that you no longer have the standard lacquer peel, plus she has a new steering wheel so that you don't have the usual leather wear. Having the wider, more bolstered, leather interior you can be more comfortable. These seats are from a super rare Mini Equinox and are very nineties.


Being supplied fully serviced and with 12 months MOT, you can have peace of mind. Underneath she is solid, so you don't have to worry. Her HPI report shows no accidents, so you have no worries there either.


Condition wise, she is a beautiful Mini and a Mini that you can drive daily, in fact I drove her for an hour and a half last week through the most terrible and torrid of British weather and it was awesome. That being said she's of a vintage and whilst she's in better condition than average, but has some blemishes which include a small localised patch of bubbling at the bottom of her boot and edge of her scuttle, but nothing that warrants attention. Her central three dash gauges are after market and not wired in, albeit that's an easy job if required. She's had a new speedometer (Mini's speedometers are a common fault) and her actual mileage is approximately 84,000, verified by a large history folder. She has the standard synchro wear noise if you change into first gear when you are going too fast, but in reality you shouldn't be changing into first when you are going too fast.


To conclude, just a beautiful, very iconic example, fitted with the most sought after engine and tastefully upgraded and maintained to give you that pure classic car experience, the sounds, smells and raw enjoyment, that often terrifying, living your life on the edge of your seat kind of experience.


She's not perfect, but she's beautiful and far better than average. Priced for the very quick [need to pay some bills] sale, no offers.


Ps: Her endearing registration number appears to be her original factory registration and is included in the sale.


If you would like to see 50 photographs of her, please use the following link to our website


1994 Rover Mini 1275cc Sportspack

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