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If you are considering buying a Mini but you don't know where to start, pop in for a chat. We're a small old fashioned workshop and we love what we do. It's always great to meet fellow enthusiasts and there is strictly no sales pressure (it couldn't be further from that sort of place).
It's always nicer to meet people, but where it helps we can deliver Mini's anywhere in the UK and we recommend an agency called Hill Shipping to deliver Mini's internationally. Deliveries within the UK are charged at cost price only and it works out to £0.95 per mile, based on a return journey. We only ask for the delivery payment up front, with the balance only paid once you've received the Mini and confirmed that you are over the moon.



Extensively Restored & Upgraded 1989 Austin Mini - Possibly One of the Best On the Market / Show Winner / Daily Driver
This is a beautiful, completely and expertly rebuilt and upgraded example, likely one of the best examples you will find on the market. She's a show winner and is a remarkably impressive example. Built by a Rolls Royce engineer and his son, she has all new metalwork, panels, floors and frames, she has a reconditioned and upgraded engine and gearbox and well just about eveything is new, upgraded or unique. She is beautiful and drives terriifically. Her paintwork gleams and she is painted throughout, underneath, inside. It would be hard to find a better example. I have gone into more detail below.

1. New Metalwork

Having all new metalwork, floors, sills and sub-frames, you don’t have to worry. There are a few small blemishes on her paintwork after five years, but she is just an exceptional example..

2. Gleaming Paintwork Throughout, Colour Coded Underneath & All New Chromework

Being completely repainted and colour coded to an excellent standard, on top, underneath, in her wheel arches and inside, then finished with all new gleaming chrome work, you could be proud to own her. Being finished in Island Blue, made iconic by the Italian Job movie, she stands out.

3.  Reconditioned Engine

Being completely reconditioned and rebored to +40, her engine is beautiful and you can be sure of her reliability.

4. Upgraded Engine

Upgrading her rebuilt engine with a Keith Calver Stage Three head and SW5 Swiftune Fast Road Cam, she produces 50% more power than standard on the dyno (59hp). Combining her new power with her low weight and her legendary classic Mini, rally winning handling, leaves you with a terrific and/or terrifying driving experience.

Further upgrades include her complete, new RC40 exhaust system with that classical roar and an aluminium Fletcher radiator plus silicone hoses so that you can worry less about overheating.

5. Reconditioned Gearbox

Having a completely rebuilt and reconditioned gearbox, you don’t have to worry about the common gearbox issues. The gearbox utilised has a longer ratio, allowing you more effective and efficient modern fast road driving.

6. Upgraded Brakes

Upgrading her brakes with a brand you servo and parts, you can feel safer when braking. They are still classic Mini brakes, but they are better,

7. All New Parts

Most parts are brand new throughout, from her suspension to her starter motor, master cylinder to her alternator, allowing you to rely on her. She benefits from a Lumition coil, new battery, upgrasded alternator and an upgraded fuel pump to assist you with starting her on cold days.

8. More Classical Carburettor Model

Being the carburettor model, she drives, feels, sounds and smells like classic motoring, giving you no end of nostalgia. Plus, having a carburettor means that she is more tuneable and you can achieve significant power improvements.

 9. Completely New Interior

Having a completely new interior including set, seats, door cards, leather bound dash rails and her steerijg wheel, you will be very comfortable inside. Having the very rare factory, registration stamped sunroof and factory additional extra opening rear windows, she’s perfect for sunny days. Being fitted with top of the range Pioneer Bluetooth radio (Spotify/speakers), upgraded and extra speakers, your music sounds great. She even has custom door furniture and blue gauges, making her more unique.

10. Extra Security

Being fitted with a TOAD aftermarket immobiliser and motion sensor alarm, she’s much safer. Being linked to her fuel pump only (opposed to the later factory standard ECU immobilisers), this is a nice, simple and effective system.

11. Handling & Stance

Being fitted with the more special, wider 12" Rose Petal alloys, the premum Yokohoma Tyres and adjustable ride height Hi Lo’s, she maintains a better stance and you will experience better handling.

12. Ready to Enjoy - No Work Required - HPI Clear - Professionally Tuned

Supplied with no faults, fully serviced with 12 months MOT and no advisories; she is ready for you to enjoy. Being professionally tuned, her performance has been optimised for you. Being HPI clear, you can have peace of mind.

13. Imperfections

I do think she will be one of the best on the market. Despite being in just amazing condition she's not a garage queen and does have some blemishes here and there.

To conclude, she is just a fantastic, renewed and upgraded, really beautiful example of a classic Mini. She has all new metal work, upgraded performance, reliability and security and she is ready to enjoy. The upgrades and work alone would cost a multiple of the purchase price alone.


If you would like to see 60+ photographs of her, please use the following link


Must See 1989 Austin Mini - Extensively Restored & Upgraded

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