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Our Retirement Sale: Emptying Our Personal Toy Box


We announced our retirement sale a few months ago and we have to thank everyone for all of your support, every message and call and of course for buying our entire stock at the time. We are now preparing to sell one final batch of Mini’s and that batch includes Mini’s that we were intending to keep as toys or investments. That being said me and my girlfriend have decided it's time to run away into the sunset, empty the toy box and buy a small sailing boat in the Mediteranean and so they will all be listed this week :).

As usual, we are happy to personally deliver Mini’s anywhere in the UK at £0.85 per mile (return journey), work with overseas purchasers (deliver to the port / we recommend Hill Shipping as agents) and chat for hours totally off subject (our speciality) but also give helpful to the point advice where possible even if it’s not about our cars. Call me anytime, email or instagram us by using the following link



1987 Austin Mini (1 of 87 Wimbledon Limited Editions) - Fast Road, Highly Modified; Fantastically Fun Toy


For more pictures and a walkaround video please use the following link



1987 Austin Mini Wimbledon Ltd Edition - Fast Road, Rally & Sportspack Upgrades


Having been significantly rebuilt and expensively upgraded to race / rally specification with a high performance engine, combining a super fun power to weight ratio with that iconic classic Mini rally winning handling this Mini is great fun.


Professionally tuned to optimise it’s performance, fully serviced and supplied with 12 months MOT, she is ready to enjoy. 


Being largely rebuilt from scratch, more money has been spent within the last 300 miles than the asking price… the underside is very nice with lots of new stuff, as is the wiring… this Mini isn't perfect but its fun, ready to enjoy and right where it counts. I’ve set this out below.


1. High Performance 1000cc Engine


Having a high performance 1000cc engine, she accelerates rapidly and with that iconic rally winning classic Mini handling is is terrific and/or terrifying. Having been professionally tuned to optimised her performance she drives great.


2. Largely Rebuilt Where it Matters


She’s been largely rebuilt at a great expense where it matters. While Mini’s are usually rotten underneath with a tangle of old taped wiring, this one is very good with lots of recently new stuff and has been completely and professionally rewired. Little bit of a sleeper, her paintwork is flat in places and has purple runs. 


3. Largely Upgraded (lot’s of money invested)


Other than the high performance engine, she has a huge array of super expensive Sportspack and rally upgrades fitted during the rebuild. 


Running on the premium Yokohama tyres (£100 a tyre) fitted to Supalite chrome thirteen inch deep-dish alloys (£400) with the wide Sportspack arches she has that wide stance look. The front tyres have a little schafing in places but are good.


Sitting in the Cobra Monaco Pro racing bucket seats (£500) (custom colour coded rear seat) you’re retained by Sabelt safety racing harnesses (£250) and surrounded by a very high end roll cage (£750+) whilst facing a custom dash, premium alloy door handles and trying to use the teeny tiny (fun but horribly un-functional) vintage 10” steering wheel. We can change the steering wheel if required…


Other modifications include the Italian Job style large spotlights, a carbon finished lightweight quick release bonnet and bullet wing mirrors… plus that exhaust which roars (see the video). A lot of money has been spent recently and it has been built largely from scratch by the previous enthusiast.


4. Rare Model & Soon to be Tax & MOT Exempt


Being a rare 1987 Wimbledon celebratory model, she is just one of seventy one left in existence (albeit far from standard). Being an early model first registered on the 10th of July 1987 she will soon be MOT and tax exempt which will save you money and increase her value (albeit she is supplied with 12 months MOT).


5. Ready to Enjoy


Supplied with a recent MOT (28th of July) and a full service, she is ready to enjoy.


Mechanically outstanding “minor advisories” include a worn shock absorber rubber bush and a minor oil leak (like most Mini’s). These are easily solved and would cost nothing, but we have just run out of time and decided to sell her as a bargain.


6. Likely Low Mileage


Her engine is beautiful and she seems to have done only fifty odd thousand miles based on records, albeit her speedometer was changed in 2021 when she was rebuilt and now reads just over 2000.


7. Excellent Condition Where it Matters, Low Quality Paintwork


She’s been rebuilt where it matters; a beautiful engine, brand new underneath (not rotten like most Mini’s) and a new wiring loom professionally fitted, but is not brand new in other places. She is a classic car and has signs of lives lived throughout. 


A proper toy, good fun and well built, ready to enjoy. She’s not perfect by any means, but she is right where it counts. 

1987 Austin Mini *Fast Road*

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