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GB Mini Garage - Classic Mini Specialists
We're a classic Mini specialist based in Sheffield. You are more than welcome to visit our restorations warehouse or alternatively we can deliver our Mini's anywhere in the UK.
We Are Selling a Collection of 18 Mini's
We are about to sell a collection of 18 Mini's which includes some very rare models and lots of awesome Mini's, lots to be excited about.
Contact Us
For more information please see our website, our Instagram @gbminigarage, call our team on 0114 438 1816 or text or whatsapp us on +447533301097. Alternatively you may join our mailing list for instant updates on new Mini's before they are listed, do copy and paste the following link into your browser.
UK & International Deliveries
Deliveries are no problem, our UK delivery service is charged at £0.80 per mile based upon a return journey and we would only require a £400 deposit in advance with the balance upon delivery. Regarding international shipping, we have many customers in the USA & Canada and we recommend using who'm charge between £795 and £1195 per vehicle dependant upon the port required. You would have to contact them directly.
Ukraine Charity Donations
With every Mini sold we are donating £100 to charities in Ukraine. Assuming the government scheme becomes operational shortly this should be matched by the government and doubled to £200. If this scheme does not become operational soon then 90% will be donated to feed and support children displaced by war and 10% will go to supporting the free Ukranian Press. We have donated £400 in March.

1983 Austin Mini 1000 - An Early Example, Ready to Enjoy
**Please note that I have been a dimwit and both ordered and fitted the wrong number plates, the correct number plate for any checks is PGK 331Y and will be fitted tomorrow**
Being such an early example she brags those sought after period features, the large central speedometer and the wide 10" wheels (brand new) whilst the expensive Porsche 911 electric seats add comfort. Being early, she will soon be tax and mot exempt, saving you money.  Driving beautifully, she is supplied with 12 months MOT with no advisories, she has been professionally tuned to optimise her performance and she is mechanically correct with one exception. That exception is that she reverses well and there is no noises and we have driven her a lot, but you have to put her back into reverse every 15-20 metres as she jumps out silently. As you may expect you don't reverse far so this hasn't been an issue and this hasn't affected us driving her. Possibly this is a gearbox issue or something easy, but we're backlogged and I would rather have someone enjoy her and we've priced her accordingly.
Having lived for nearly fourty years like the vast majority of Mini's she has has some very small blisters here and there as you might expect and whilst she is solid underneath (please see the pictures) she has had some poor work upon her battery tray. Please see the walkaround video and extra photographs for further details.
Walkaround Video & Extra Photographs
If you would like to see a walkaround video and extra pictures then do please use the following link to our webiste
This isn't a clickable link so you will have to copy and paste it into your browser or highlight the link and click "open link".

1983 Austin Mini 1000cc

  • We guarantee that your Mini will be mechanically perfect at the time of the sale. Mechanically perfect means that your Mini will be roadworthy with a recent MOT, that everything on your Mini will work correctly and that your Mini will be ready to enjoy.


    However, it is important to note that Mini's are classic cars opposed to brand new cars, classic cars will have wear and tear on all parts opposed to being built to a new standard and accordingly they  will require ongoing maintenance and we cannot be held liable for any ongoing maintenance after the time of the sale. That being said, we have a dedicated phone line to assist you in maintaining your Mini and sourcing replacement parts.

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