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This is my fathers 1970 Triumph Spitfire MK3. My father was a director of a prominent Triumph Specialist back in the day and throughout most of his life. This Spitfire he purchased for himself and his friend in his retirement, however he is now forced to let go which is quite sad really.

Being a recently professionally restored (to a large extent) example of the best model, I am sure you will love it. Having recently been restored bodily and partially mechanically (100 or so miles maybe) and then kept in a heated garage (essentially my fathers dining room) she’s completely corrosion free, driving well and ready to enjoy.

Below I have given an objective description of her which is supplemented with seventy photographs of all areas, a video walk around, a video of a cold start and a video of her on the road. The photographs can be found by using the following link

Whilst she is not my personal car and I know very little about Spitfire’s personally, in describing her I have done my best to be objective and honest, picky and finicky, possibly too picky in retrospect. If you have any questions I am sure that my father can answer them for you :).

1. Driving Her

Driving her was terrific, really exhilarating and wonderful fun, the way in which it accelerates and that raw sound of the 60’s sports cars was just amazing (new classic sports exhaust), so much soul. Starting her up, she fires at the flick of a switch immediately and precisely, every time, warm and cold, choke or no choke (new starter motor, battery and cable). Lightly revving her engine, it’s fantastic, her rev gauge shoots up and the sound is fabulous, there’s no smoke, no oil leaks and both of her carburettors have just been overhauled. On the road she accelerates rapidly, her 1500cc engine (upgraded) produces so much power, much more power than other Spitfires that I have driven (ten years ago now). Changing gear is effortless (new clutch and slave cylinder), no untoward sounds, no overdrive though (not fitted). She has the unleaded head conversion so that you can use unleaded fuel.
Braking, possibly less braking power than I imagined, possibly just the nature of sixties engineering (new master cylinder).. I don't know, they are a bit crap. She has a new full length radiator so she stays at temperature. Handling nicely without knocks or bangs, rattles or untoward noises on my drives (albeit the exhaust is so loud you probably wouldn't hear). Throughout the last few weekends I have taken her out a few times. Every time she starts first time without hesitation. I did visually notice that the engine mounts and one spring was worn, albeit functional. I have purchased new versions of these parts, but haven't got around to fitting them. All the electrics work except the rear reverse light which we have traced to the switch, albeit we have not had chance to put her on the ramp (we're retiring at the moment, super busy).

2. Bodywork

Recently restored to a high standard on top, her shell seems to be free of corrosion, her paintwork gleams and she’s just lovely.  Underneath she seems solid, but has had some historic previous welds (as most will) and has layers of underseal to protect her (again I am sure most will). Her wire wheels are brand new, as are her tyres. Spitfires are known for poor panel gaps, these panel gaps are pretty good I think (not hugely knowledgeable). She has an original steel bonnet in great condition (assumed original). There are two small stone chips (photographed), maybe more. You could maybe re-chrome her petrol cap? Maybe I’m being too picky. I’ve taken some pictures. Her boot rack is new, as are her halogen headlight upgrades (will be much brighter).

3. Roofs

Coming with a soft top and hard top, she’s fully equipped. Her soft top looks to be relatively new, albeit she doesn’t have a soft top cover (goes over it when down). Her hard top is an original steel hard top, it’s solid, original and even has it’s original windscreen seal which apparently is very rare,  however it’s never been fitted, my father doesn’t have the fitting bolts (easily acquired) and the headlining is old and tatty, I can’t remember if my father said original or not, it’s essentially been living in his kitchen and I carried it out to the garage in a rush.

3. Interior

Pretty cool, it’s a fun place to be. The seats are nice and recently recovered, albeit some small marks commensurate with age. The Motalita wood rimmed steering wheel is an expensive period upgrade, newly fitted. It’s a very minimalist interior, a bit old maybe (other than the new seat covers, soft top and steering wheel, but again I think this is the nature of these cars as even those advertised at £15,000-20,000 have a similar aged interior? There is no radio currently (although you wouldn’t be able to hear it over the engine) but it looks like the wires are there. She is fitted with Britax racing harnesses, but these could easily be replaced with lap belts if not to your taste. I think I have some sixties lap belts which you could have.

4. History

She comes with a history collection which mainly includes receipts from the 80’s and 90’s, she’s HPI clear. I think she's been in storage throughout most of the noughties.

5. MOT & Tax Free

Being a historic vehicle she is MOT and tax exempt, saving you time and money. She hasn’t been MOT’d recently, but everything works as it should.

Accordingly, whilst I do rubbish the age old saying and quite dislike it, I actually think apt and correct to say that the first person to view this Spitfire will buy it because it is lovely, both on the road and off the road.


Other Information
Not Owned by My Company
For clarity, I need to reiterate that this is my fathers car and it is not owned by my company GB Mini Garage, you would be purchasing it from my father personally and I am just helping him out as he needs the funds relatively quickly. Also to be clear I know very little about Triumphs and I really don’t intend for my analysis to be relied upon, hence the pickiness of my description… come and have a look, have a drive, I think you will love it :).
Delivery Service
Deliveries, we do operate a delivery service which goes around the UK. We would only ask for a small deposit in advance with the balance only payable once she has been delivered and you have inspected her, if you don’t like her then send her back. We would, however say that the deposit is none refundable because we would need to pay the delivery driver.
No Offers
Offers, my father has already been offered £9400 by a gentleman who viewed it and he rejected the offer. The lowest he could go would be £9995 as that’s the amount he needs and I do think this is fair considering that all other UK examples online seem to be £13,000+ with the exception of one which left Ebay being described as a dog and has re-appeared wit h a dealer being described as very nice and restored. My father just needs the quick sale of what is a very honest example.


1979 Triumph Spitfire Mk3 1500cc

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