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Our Retirement Sale: Emptying Our Personal Toy Box


We announced our retirement sale a few months ago and we have to thank everyone for all of your support, every message and call and of course for buying our entire stock at the time. We are now preparing to sell one final batch of Mini’s and that batch includes Mini’s that we were intending to keep as toys or investments. That being said me and my girlfriend have decided it's time to run away into the sunset, empty the toy box and buy a small sailing boat in the Mediteranean and so they will all be listed this week :).

As usual, we are happy to personally deliver Mini’s anywhere in the UK at £0.85 per mile (return journey), work with overseas purchasers (deliver to the port / we recommend Hill Shipping as agents) and chat for hours totally off subject (our speciality) but also give helpful to the point advice where possible even if it’s not about our cars. Call me anytime, email or instagram us by using the following link



1993 Rover Mini - 1275cc Fast Road 60’s Cooper S Recreation


If you would like to see a walkaround video and more photographs please use the following link


Designed to emanate the sixties, to emanate the early Cooper S, this Mini combines sixties interior and exterior styling with nineties fast road specification.


Built for speed (spec below), this Mini provides a terrific and/or terrifying drive, combining that rally winning classic Mini handling with an excellent upgraded power to weight ratio and nostalgically classical carburettor fuelling.


Ready to enjoy, supplied fully serviced with 12 months MOT and professionally tuned to optimise her performance. There is an advisory for an oil leak (like all Mini’s) and a light underseal water proof coating.


She’s aged and beautifully imperfect on her exterior, she has marks and imperfections. She’s a classic car, she’s finished with patina, awesome to drive and solid, but not brand new by any means, mastering that aged rally car appearance. Underneath she has previous welds to make her solid, not brand new but functional (standard Mini).


Driving wise, she’s awesome and great fun, we’ve refurbished her brakes and tuned her engine which is a great power unit. Gearbox wise she changes through the gears effortlessly except if you are going too fast and changing down to second and then you may hear a slight noise as it enters into the gear (only second, when changing down and going too fast and even then it is only a slight noise (standard Mini worn syncromesh) and this won't happen if you drive her like a classic car and not like a boy racer.




1. Mechanics


  • Engine1275cc (12HD17);


  • Metro Block (improved camshaft profile & higher compression ratio, compared to standard);


  • Bigger valve head (12G940);


  • Lightly ported and skimmed with reground valves, new valve stem seals, copper head gaskets;


  • Stage 1 tuning kit;


  • 3.4.1 Differential;


  • Extra heavy duty engine steady bar; and


  • Goodridge stainless steel braided hoses.


2. Brakes


  • Servo assisted braking;


  • 7.5” Cooper S front disc brake conversion; and


  • Servo assisted braking


3. Exhaust


  • Large bore single box centre exit 3-2-1 exhaust; and


  • Minispares Torque Master Inlet Manifold (a favourite for tuners).


4. Cooling


  • Alloy radiator; and


  • Electric Kenlowe additional cooling fan (on the switch).


5. Fuelling


  • HS4 SU carburettor w/ custom needle;


  • Stainless steel high flow pancake airfilter;


  • Facet 40105 fuel pump & fuel pressure regulator (on the switch); and


  • Security cut off switch.


6. Suspension


  • Koni dampers


7. Interior


  • 60's style racing bucket seats;


  • Racing harnesses;


  • Custom rally dash board and switches;


  • Safety Devices roll cage; and


  • Headlining removed, but nicely finished.


8. Exterior


  • Mk1 front end conversion (bonnet, badges, grill and bumpers and number plate);


  • Later sixties rear end conversion (smaller lights, rally spotlight, number plate, badges and bumper);


  • Fibreglass quick release bonnet;


  • Dummy door hinges; and


  • 10” Minilites with Yokohama Advan HF A-008 rear, Falken FK-07E front;




Her base specification was a 1275cc automatic and she covered 85,000 miles, however she has now been converted to a new highly modified manual 1275cc engine. That engine has been registerred with the DVLA, although the new keeper would need to notify the DVLA of the gearbox change as the DVLA seem to have forgotten to do this. We can provide a Specialist letter and all this should then take is an email. We can't confirm the mileage (although the engine is beautiful). She is HPI clear.


1960's Cooper S "Fast Road" Recreation (1993)

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