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Just a note guys, we’re away this weekend (the 27th-1st) in Brussels and the company land line may or may not be diverting (mixed reports as to whether it’s working). If you have any questions do please call me on the mobile number 07533301097, WhatsApp or email us at ☺️. Otherwise we’re back on Monday evening and we will be open on Tuesday.

The GB Mini Garage - The Classic Mini Specialists

What Do We Do?We're a classic Mini specialist based in Sheffield. You are more than welcome to visit our restorations warehouse or alternatively we can deliver our Mini's anywhere in the UK.

Get in Contact With UsFor more information please see our website, our Instagram @gbminigarage, call our team on 0114 438 1816 or text or whatsapp us on 07533301097. Alternatively you may join our mailing list for instant updates on new Mini's before they are listed, do copy and paste the following link into your browser.

UK & International DeliveriesDeliveries are no problem, our UK delivery service is charged at £0.95 pence per mile based upon a return journey and we would only require a £400 deposit in advance with the balance upon delivery. Regarding international shipping, we have many customers in the USA & Canada and we recommend using who'm charge between £795 and £1195 per vehicle dependant upon the port required. You would have to contact them directly.

1979 Austin Morris Mini Pick Up Resto-Mod - 150-160bhp Rover K Series 1800cc Turbo - Light Project This Mini is owned by Niel, one of our friends and not by ourselves. He has asked us to help him advertise her for him as he really needs some funds. She is a light project, as described below. 1. Specification

This resto-mod Mini Pick-up is terrifying to drive, her power has been increased from 34bhp (850cc) to between 145-160 bhp (Rover K Series 1800cc Injection, assuming it is standard form and my research is correct on power, apparently they can be tuned to 220bhp) and her weight has been significantly reduced with a complete fibreglass front end (including lower scuttle panel). The power to weight ratio is fantastic. Her nose is extended to take the engine, her wheel arches have been widened to incorporate the rare Compomotive CXR alloys (these are £6-800 on Ebay), I think they are Compomotive's. She looks solid underneath and under the carpets. 2. Light Project

Niel was driving her early to mid-last year and described her as being terrifying and good fun. Shortly thereafter the battery ran out. When the battery ran out her immobiliser seems to be stuck on and she won’t start, the fuel pump doesn’t power up. He brought her down to our garage six months ago and our engine tuning company investigated this and found it to most likely be a fault with the ECU. They suggested that the ECU may need to be reset following the power outage. For reasons described below, we got a second opinion from an auto electrician who came to the same conclusion independently. Finding a company to reset the ECU has been a nightmare for Niel, the only local company messed him around for four or five months promising bi-weekly to come and have a look and then a not so local company did the same when we sent them the ECU. She doesn't seem to have a plug in port. We can’t guarantee it is the ECU that needs resetting as we never deal with K Series Engines (only standard Mini), however the two, well three in fact, people we asked to investigate her came to the same conclusion with great definitivenesss. We have spent six months chasing various companies and Niel has now run out of funds and needs to sell. The price reflects this.Otherwise, her bodywork has various marks commensurate with her age. There are some small bubbles at the bottom of her doors. There are some small cracks and/or spiders in her fibreglass (standard Fibreglass) here and there, these are worst on her roof. See the extra pictures link below. She hasn’t been MOT’d since 2019, but has done just 300 miles since. Niel and her previous owner were driving her utilising MOT & Tax Exemption, however it should be noted that strictly such wouldn’t apply where there has been an engine change, although most people still do. She is HPI clear. Conclusion

This would be an awesome toy if you have the right contacts or skills. She has an incredible power to weight ration and apparently she could be tuned to 220bhp. She's not perfect, but a pretty good example in relative terms. We don't own her and we're just doing a favour for a friend in advertising her. Extra Photographs

If you would like to see 45 photographs showing all areas, please use the following link

145bhp 1979 Austin Morris Mini Pick-up Resto Mod

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