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For Sale at £6495: Throw your mind back to 1985, new cars were getting more and more boring, your brand new British made car which arrived from the factory last week was already rusting away on your driveway and Mini’s were no different. In fact there was nothing new about the Mini, nothing much had changed aesthetically or mechanically for 15 years except that your mate down the road with the *beautiful* new Metro would now smoke you at the lights and this spurred an idea in the minds of Domino Cars of Southampton. What if they created a new style of Mini, something fun, quirky and sporty, something that was a bit lighter and faster, something that wouldn’t rust away, maybe it could be a hit? Such was quite a hit and the Domino Pimlico was born. The GRP shell was lighter and faster, being fibreglass it didn’t rust and being presented in many a funky two toned colour with cool very eighties side skirts and small doors and wide arches and 13 inch wheels (10+ years before Rover fitted wide arches to the Cooper Sportspack), sales figures were strong. Today they are one of the rarest types of Mini. This example is a 1990 1275cc and has spent 19 years in hiding, she's now ready to grace the world with her coolness. Best put your sunglasses on.


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