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Betty the 1960 Austin Se7en Light Panel Van De Luxe (Mini Van)

Betty is a very early little workhorse, supplied just one week after the supply of Mini van's initially began, she is so early that she pre-dated the Mini and Mini Van brand and accordingly she is called an Austin Se7en Light Panel Van. Betty is a two previous owner example (21 years per owner) with 68,000 miles (just over 1000 miles per year) that has been completely restored (full nut and bolt) by a specialist in his barn turned Mini factory, for himself and his own use, in tribute to his original Mini van, and accordingly Betty is a lovely example. She is the De-luxe version (Highest Spec) and an Austin (the rarest variant). She comes with a British Motor Museum Heritage Certificate and 12 Months MOT with no advisories for your peace of mind, despite being MOT, Road Tax and ULEZ exempt (all free or not required, saving you time and money).


Betty's expensive original resgistration is included (we last sold a similar plate for £1600). She has been upgraded to an early 1000cc with the original dynamo and brass radiator (later, higher capacity factory additonal extra) and such engine has been fully serviced and tuned to optimise her performance. It is a beautiful engine, although there is a slight noise on first gear if you are not careful when changing.


Betty's a lovely, fully restored example, built to be right where it matters, but not concourse (or she would be £25-30k). She was built in tribute and homage to the builders original Mini Van, so quality new parts were prioritised over some date specific parts which were only available in compromised condition and examples include the ribbed roof (new heritage) (fitted post-mid sixties) and single bolt sub frame (fitted post 76-). Betty has no rust as most panels are new, but there is a paint defect to her upper panels caused by a moisture reaction (not rust).

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