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1994 Rover Mini Mayfair 1275cc SPI 53hp Sportspack (Retrofitted) - One Previous Keeper, Owned 23 Years by a Hon. Peer and just an Excellent Example - £8745.

This is a beautiful example of a Mini that has obviously been cherished and has one previous keeper. She was first purchased on the 7th of November 1994 by a Mrs Prophecy Coles, an author and medic in London. Five years later Mrs Coles would sell her to the honourable peer Mr Bradley who’m would keep her for another 23 years. She’s lived in London all of her life, primarily on what seems to be a £2m a house road just outside of Chelsea, I have no doubt she has been well looked after and loved, such is evident because it is a fantastic example and a credit to whomever rebuilt it.

She’s a super example, she looks amazing being finished in a relatively rare lighter shade of metallic British Racing Green and importantly she is solid and in fantastic condition. She was restored some years ago and remains in terrific condition with just one small bubble on her scuttle panel despite reportedly living outside and getting routinely wet. We could paint this singular bubble for no more than two hundred pounds and make her perfect, however it stands testament to the quality of preparation if after all these years of living outside she just has a singular bubble and such presents really honestly. She will have marks commensurate with age undoubtedly, but I think you will be impressed.

Being the 1994 1275cc Single Point Injection, she is much smoother and more reliable than her carburettor alternative, more powerful (approx 36% more power as standard than a 1000cc, maybe 5% more powerful than the standard carburettor 1275cc) and she benefits from front disc brakes and improved servo assisted braking which makes braking more effective and therefore safer. Being a 1994 she has a comfier interior with wider seats and bolsters and the lovely Walnut dash. She’s been upgraded with a full length manual (no problematic motor) very rare Webasto pull back roof, Cooper steering wheel and Sports Centre Exit Exhaust as well as the iconic Sportspack wide arches surrounding 13 inch deep dish wheels. Her wheels have some marks commensurate with age. Webasto’s can have issues with sealing, however there is no evidence of damp whatsoever, again despite reportedly living outside.

Her engine is excellent, she drives beautifully but does have a lazy second gear synchro occasionally when changing down from third to second at 30mph (slight noise).

She will be supplied with 12 months MOT, a full engine service (Millers Oil, Filter, NGK Plugs & Silicone HT leads), a full brake service and she benefits from a new clutch and Mini Spares rebuilt ECU. Her engine bay is nicely detailed with an alloy rocker cover.

She does have some negative history. She has previously been category damaged and then fully restored. According to her previous keeper such uniquely occurred during a riot where someone kicked her door. Personally I wouldn’t purchase a modern car with category damage, but we’re not so concerned with a Mini because all of the parts are routinely replaced, there is no chassis to damage but just subframes and panels which are routinely replaced in any case. I guess also, at 29 years old, one may feel that many cars will have had a bump or two, recorded or not. But equally such may put you off and such should he born in mind :).

Otherwise a beautiful car with a fantastic history and relatively excellent bodywork, you will be very much impressed.

Just to note, you will have read that we are retiring and therefore selling our collection of twenty Mini's. We are listing this Mini because we’ve had so much interest, however we still need to do a final check over and arrange an MOT.


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